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Low Impact. Full Body. Weights Free.

Dance and Fitness Lessons in West Chester, PA

Discover your ideal low-impact, full-body workout with Studio Lyn. Through a personalized blend of dance and fitness exercises, we focus on strengthening the core muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing the mind-body connection. Whether you want to target specific fitness goals or simply improve your overall wellbeing, our flexible private lessons and custom workout plans are designed to give you the precise level of support you need.

Customize Your Workout


Mat-based exercises perfect for rehabilitation, athletic performance, or simply staying in shape


Fundamental yoga poses that improve flexibility, balance, and posture while relaxing the mind


Classical barre work and dance technique building a stronger core and toned arms and legs

Hip Hop

Cardio, strength, and stretching in the format of a fun hip hop class set to upbeat popular music

Meet Your Instructor

Maddy Stillman is a lifelong dancer turned dance teacher and certified pilates instructor. After training and teaching in dance studios her whole life, the typical gym atmosphere and routine of hopping on a treadmill and lifting weights never felt as mentally rewarding. Maddy teaches more purposeful, accessible movement that mimics the physical transformation, mental benefits, and format of a dance class.

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